Some Guys Need a Good Kick in The Nutz.

Like this guy for instance! The big studs need to learn that guys are all equal when it comes to being hit in the balls. If you get a good hit then you go down! Doesn't matter how ripped you are or how cool you think you are, any five year old can turn you into a wimpering pile of jelly in an instant!

If you are a guy or girl that would be more than happy to plant your foot in the crotch of a guy like this, or any guy for that matter, then this site is dedicated to you.

This site is mainly about guys busting guys. While there are some clips of girls busting guys it's not what I'm into. And it's my site. So there! :-)

Feel free to wander around. There are lots of video clips to download (don't forget to share clips we haven't seen yet by uploading some of yours). The Forum is available to talk about ballbusting with people from around the world. One of the favorite spots is voting for the guy most deserving of a good shot to the nutz. If you vote please leave a reason for why you voted for that guy - it's really great reading those answers! There is also a story contest to which I may someday actually award a prize. And don't forget to add yourself to the survey questions. These are questions asked by users of this site. We really want to know about your ballbusting interests!

There is a page containing previous homepage pictures.

T Shirts

The Official Kramtoad T-Shirt is now available! Go to the FAQ/T-shirt page to get the details. This is a good way to let others in public places know you are into busting without having to wear a shirt with something so blunt as "I like being kicked in the balls" or "Can I kick your balls?" And, if anyone not in on the secret asks what a Kramtoad is you can just shrug and say "idunno".

Sending Pictures To Me

For all of you that have asked: YES you can send pictures to me for the "most in need of a kick" and "wouldn't it be fun" sections. I can't promise I'll use them but I will give them consideration. Just make sure they are of high quality and not overly sexual (this is a family oriented ballbusting site afterall! (heh, "family oriented ballbusting") Send them to:

Thanks For Stopping By

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome. Just fill in the feedback form or send email to or use the 'Ballbusting Forum'. I enjoy hearing from you and providing feedback lets me know the site is appreciated which in turn causes me to put more work into it.